Polaris’ 3rd Grade Fashion Show 2014

Coach D and student teacher Mr. Pablo explored textile art with 3rd grade students by weaving, sewing, cutting, gluing, drawing, and combining old shirts into exciting fashion statements. The new shirts were as diverse as our students with shirts reflecting pop culture, personal interests, and the latest in crime fighting fashion.

Colorado Visual Arts Standards:
Observe and Learn to Comprehend
Invent and Discover to Create

Ms. Richardson’s 3rd grade fashionistas.

Coach D strutting his stuff.

Student Teacher Pablo showing off a student’s shirt and hat.


Fall musing’s – 2013

touch and draw

touch and draw



Creative Design and Imagination

Studying a Master – Symbolism as Visual Language

Second graders Meeting Georgia O'Keefe

Second graders Meeting Georgia O’Keefe






Trash to Treasures – School banner project, Fall – 2013

Many thanks to our community partner, “Can Land” for donating the scrap metal used in creating these wonderful banners. Also thanks to the work shop team of:Nancy Johnson, Deborah Nelson, Mia Nelson, Gia & Sophia & Steve & Jay Vasconcellos, Tammy Chamberland, Josie Bygrave, Evan Stubbs, Lovelei Hearne, Robert Hearne, Rachel Bygrave, Karin Johnson, Cyrus … Continue reading

5th Grade – Splatter Monsters!

As the school prepared for the evening Love of the Arts event, our art room tables were all taken out into the hallways. Sometimes art teachers have to be very flexible, so we worked on the floor all day! We played with color mixing by blowing two primary colors (watered down tempera paint) together using straws. Features were added using Sharpie markers. The results were these amazingly lovely and interesting creatures/monsters/designs. The students enjoyed naming them as much as making them.

Polaris Postage Stamps

The mail was our theme this month and our talented 1st graders created postage stamps honoring teachers at Polaris.


Postcards to our Friends

Fourth Graders created art postcards for a partner and for teachers at Polaris and then “mailed them”  through school mail. They were asked to keep their cards a secret from their partner so they could all receive a special surprise in their classrooms. We talked about how it feels to spend time making art and then give it away to someone else. The students thought it was fun, surprising, exciting and made them feel very special!





The long process of firing, glazing and re-firing our clay projects is nearly complete! Thanks to superwoman Ann Fleming who has lugged the clay projects up and down the stairs to the basement kiln for the last four weeks!

Here are a few examples of the lovely results:

4th grade “Fossilized Food Plates”


CIMG3097 CIMG3098

3rd Grade Japanese Tea Sets:


3rd Grade Japanese Masks

Third graders prepared for a musical performance with masks created in art class.

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